The ministers of Grace Church are the people of Grace Church.  We are all called to be a part of God's dream, of Jesus' mission of mercy, compassion, and hope.  The mission and ministries of Grace Church are shared by all, with the clergy, a few paid staff, and  the elected leadership having some specific roles and responsibilities.  


The Rev. Paula J. Toland, Priest-in-Charge

Rev. Paula was called to Grace Church in March 2017. She is passionate about sharing the Good News that all people are beloved of God, and believes it is the call to Christians and to the Church to be expressions of the radical love and hospitality Jesus offers to the world.  She loves liturgy, pastoral care, and intergenerational ministry.


Rev. Paula graduated from the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in May 2013, where she specialized in pastoral theology.  She was ordained to the transitional diaconate in June 2013 and to the priesthood in January 2014.  She served in the Diocese of Massachusetts before coming home to the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, which is where she was born and lived until her marriage. She is bi-vocational, and serves her other vocation as a hospice chaplain in Rhode Island.  Prior to entering seminary, she worked for many years as a social worker, primarily in the fields of family and sexual violence and child welfare, doing both direct service and program administration.

Rev. Paula is married to Ron, and they have three children: Sean, Kevin, and Kathleen.  Sean and Kevin are young adults, happily pursuing their passions for learning and exploring the world. Sean is a doctoral student studying in Germany this year and Kevin recently entered the Peace Corps, where he serves in Peru.  Kathleen is a senior at Joseph Case High School, looking forward to graduation in 2018. Rev. Paula loves to hang out with her family.  She also enjoys reading, puzzles, knitting, spending time outdoors, and is hooked on public radio.

You can reach Rev. Paula at 508.987.1004 or at


Stephanie Conley, Parish Administrator

You can reach Stephanie at 508.987.1004 or at

Sandy Borey, Sexton

You can reach Sandy at 508.987.1004 or at

Glynne Levesque, Organist

You can reach Glynne at 508.987.1004 or at

Executive Committee:

John McLaughlin, Senior Warden

You can reach John at 508.987.1004 or at

Mike Heil, Junior Warden

You can reach Mike at 508.987.1004 or at

Bob Torteson, Treasurer

You can reach Bob at 508.987.1004 or at

Stephanie Conley, Clerk

You can reach Stephanie at 508.987.1004 or at


Rachel Blessington

Sharron Gillies

Mimi Royston

Adrienne James

Margie Christian

Mimi King

You can reach Vestry Members at 508.987.1004 or at

Diocesan Convention Delegates:

Sharron Gillies

Mimi Royston

Alternate: Margie Christian

Ecumenical Council Representatives:

Betty Blodgett

Barbara Hanc