The ministers of Grace Church are the people of Grace Church.  We are all called to be a part of God's dream, of Jesus' mission of mercy, compassion, and hope.  The mission and ministries of Grace Church are shared by all, with the clergy, a few paid staff, and  the elected leadership having some specific roles and responsibilities.  

Executive Committee:

John McLaughlin, Senior Warden

You can reach John at 508.987.1004 or at

Mike Heil, Junior Warden

You can reach Mike at 508.987.1004 or at

Bob Torteson, Treasurer

You can reach Bob at 508.987.1004 or at

Cindy Nolet, Clerk

You can reach Cindy at 508.987.1004 or at


Andrew Marsh, Parish Administrator

You can reach Andrew at 508.987.1004 or at

Sandy Borey, Sexton

You can reach Sandy at 508.987.1004 or at

Glynne Levesque, Organist

You can reach Glynne at 508.987.1004 or at


Rachel Blessington

Sharron Gillies

Mimi Royston

Adrienne James

Margie Christian

Betty Blodgett

Kasia Wennerberg

You can reach Vestry Members at 508.987.1004 or at

Diocesan Convention Delegates:

Sharron Gillies

Mimi Royston

Alternate: Margie Christian

Ecumenical Council Representatives:

Betty Blodgett

Barbara Hanc